5 reasons to take out travel insurance

It is not always necessary or really worthwhile to take out travel insurance . But if you are going to travel abroad, especially if you are going to catch a plane or if you are leaving the European Union, travel insurance, in addition to giving you much peace of mind, can solve more of a problem. Obtaining the fact that in some countries you can not enter as a tourist without having taken out travel insurance (like Cuba or Russia), there are many reasons that justify the contracting of this type of insurance.

Full medical assistance

If you are surprised by a health problem outside your country that requires urgent care travel insurance will not only cover the expenses, but also offer advice and protection, as well as quality healthcare, including hospitalization.

In addition, with repatriation coverage, in case of suffering a serious illness or accident you can return home. In fact, with this coverage, in case of death, the procedures for transferring the coffin are covered.

It is important to note that it is safe to include rescue and rescue costs, even though travel by the European Union, since neither the European Health Insurance Card nor most private health insurances include such expenses.

Cancellation and recovery of money

If you contract cancellation coverage you will be able to recover much of what you paid for your trip. That way, if an unforeseen event arises, the penalty of losing yourself of the trip will not add the penalty of running out of money. Of course, the cancellation coverage only covers one of the circumstances that you need to review.

Protection and advice

If you have any questions related to the trip and its coverage you can consult with an expert, either for health care issues or for problems with cancellation. This will save you time and avoid many problems, especially as far as legal or economic implications are concerned.

Protection at any age and under any circumstances

Travel insurance will cover you at any age. In addition, you will always find one adapted to your specific needs that will offer guarantees depending on the destination or the type of trip that you are going to make.

Complement to other insurance

Even if you have other insurance, such as medical insurance, life insurance or insurance associated with a credit card, for example, your coverages will fall short of those offered by travel insurance.

Problems with luggage, travel expenses or support of a companion in the event of hospitalization or even death, coverage in risk sports, rescue and rescue, homecoming, age limit or legal advice are just some of the issues That you value in travel insurance.

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