Do you already know the assistance in travel abroad of your car insurance?

Travel peacefully and travel the world with the assistance in travel of your car insurance

When we are traveling with our car, one of our biggest concerns is the fact of what to do if it breaks down or if we have an accident and, even more, if they occur when we are in other countries. Fortunately, insurance companies, from the outset have been responsible for making available to their insured a coverage that protects you against unforeseen related to your vehicle, travel assistance abroad.

What are the benefits of travel assistance abroad?

Imagine that you are driving to Germany. During the journey you realize that you have almost no fuel left, but you are confident that you will find a service area soon. However, after an hour of driving, the vehicle begins to fail and you must stop at the shoulder.

Thanks to travel assistance coverage abroad this will not be a problem. The only thing you will have to do is notify the situation to your insurance company through your mobile phone and request this service. They will quickly get in touch with the crane service and come to pick you and your vehicle, to take you to the nearest gas station or provide you with the fuel needed to get there.

And this is just one example. Your company will also manage the assistance for those cases in which your vehicle is immobilized and offers you services such as : towing through the crane to the workshop, on-site repair for small interventions, changing wheels , or if the breakdown Needs a lot of repair time, will manage the repatriation to the workshop you want near your home.

What happens to the occupants?

You know what your company can do for your vehicle, but what happens to you and the rest of the occupants? If your vehicle can not be repaired during the day or involves a few hours of labor, the insurer will bear the cost of your stay in a hotel while the repair is being made . Another option is to take care of your transfer and the occupants to the destination of your trip, and later provide you with a means of transport to pick up your car.

In all these cases, you must take into account the limitations of each insurance for these services, since they usually take into account factors such as the time of repair of the vehicle or the distance to which you are from your home, to provide some services or others, As well as limits on the expenses of stay.

Protect yourself well before leaving your country

If you are going to do a car trip abroad , you have to be proactive: check if you are well prepared and protected. It is very important that you tune your car before driving for a long period of time, doing a good check of everything that should be in good condition: tires, oil, fuel, headlights, brakes … And if you have doubts, talk to Your insurance intermediary so that you can advise and advise you on the best products for safer and more tranquil travel.

You have to drive wisely in other countries and never commit violations or avoid them. In an unknown territory you are more exposed to risks; There are different rules of movement, different speed limits, in addition to being exposed to different climatic conditions to those you are accustomed and that could affect your body in a negative way. That’s why you have to make sure that you have the right coverage, such as travel assistance abroad.

However, before contracting this guarantee, look carefully at the clauses of the contract, its limitations and check the countries in which you will have coverage . The most important thing is to keep in mind that with the assistance in traveling abroad of your car insurance you will have immediate solutions to urgent problems wherever you go.

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