Do you know the treatments included in dental insurance?

Dental insurance is your best ally to maintain good oral health

The oral health is not fully covered by public health, so the option to purchase insurance healthdental interesting because in addition to avoid waiting, you have all available treatments with discounted prices, and many others for free.

Preventive dental insurance treatments

Prevention is very important and because of this, dental insurance plays an important role not only in the treatment of oral problems but also in the prevention of their onset. Within these services of great value to which we can access grace to our insurer, we are:

-Tecrectomy or dental cleaning: Through tartrectomy we can eliminate mainly the tartar, bacterial plaque and superficial spots of the teeth. But in addition, this procedure is especially necessary to eliminate the calculations that are formed because of the mineralization of the dental plaque and the gums. This oral cleaning should be periodic, because although we maintain a demanding oral hygiene, there are areas of the mouth where good brushing or flossing can not reach.

-Fluoraciones: The topical application of fluoride is a preventive dental procedure very advisable to prevent dental caries. Enhances enamel resistance, is antibacterial and remineralizes the enamel layer. Dental fluorine plays an especially important role in the infantile stage , where the teeth of milk are in the process of formation.

-Ortopantomography or panoramic x-ray: This is an integral radiological study of great utility in dentistry that allows to observe all the teeth, their supporting tissues and adjacent anatomical structures. It is a very comfortable treatment for the patient, where the radiation index is minimal and allows to detect both the presence of dental caries and its contact with the central nerve, as well as the presence of infectious processes or bone asymmetries.

Other dental treatments

The dental insurance , besides offering preventive treatment free of charge, also cover other needs, such as:

– Lip prosthesis : This intervention allows correcting aesthetic and functional problems of the labial and lingual braces. It is common in children from 2 years and may be accompanied by problems in feeding and in the pronunciation of certain words. As the child grows, the braces change shape, size and position and this problem can be solved by itself; But if it does not happen, it can be corrected thanks to the frenectomy of the lips.

– Prepothetic surgery : This oral and maxillofacial surgery is mandatory before the placement of dental implants when the bone that has to be attached does not present the best conditions. When a tooth is lost, over time, the bone that supports it loses height and thickness, which can cause that the moment we decide to place an implant, the maxillary bone can not retain the new piece. Thanks to prepothetic surgery we can prepare hard and white tissues (bone and gingiva) for proper and durable placement of dental prostheses.

Dental insurance, the best guarantee for a healthy mouth

To have a healthy mouth and a nice smile, the attention of dental specialists is an assistance that we all need, both to prevent and to treat oral problems. Thanks to the dental insurance policy included in the health insurance we can access these treatments, without long waiting lists and guaranteeing us the most economical option.

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