Does home insurance cover the garden?

The garden is an important element in homes that have the possibility to enjoy it. However , not all home insurance includes the garden in its coverages or , at least, not in the same way. That is why it is important to keep this in mind when taking out home insurance .

The first thing we have to do before we clarify what are the coverages we can find in home insurance for the garden is to determine what is the continent and what is contained in these spaces.

Gardens: What is continent and what is considered content

Knowing how to differentiate between what is considered continent and content in the garden is vital to understand the coverage that different home insurance can offer.

Recall that the structural elements of a home are considered as a continent. In the case of the garden, these elements are the walls, walls, fixed structures, etc. By content is meant what is inside the continent; In the case of the garden, we would be talking about garden furniture, ornamental plants, planters, etc.

Home Insurance Garden Covers

Keep in mind that the gardens are much more exposed than the rest of the house, both inclement weather and theft. This is important to keep in mind to be aware that coverages will be limited. That is why some insurance covers certain risks of the garden, but it is important to check what they cover and to what extent.

We will explain below the most important hedges that can be found in some home insurance that include the garden as an option.

Reconstruction coverage of the garden (mainland)

Garden rebuilding is a hedge that can be found in many home insurance. This cover covers the recovery of the appearance of a garden after a disaster. Although there are many varieties of this cover, there is usually a ceiling on the cost of rebuilding the garden, which can be in the form of a fixed amount or percentage.

On the other hand, most insurance that includes this coverage only includes damages caused by inclement weather, natural disasters or fire. That is, they do not cover damages caused by vandalism or domestic accidents or any other mishaps.

In this coverage is where the plant elements of the garden would be insured.

Coverage for garden furniture (content)

Home insurance considers contents to garden furniture and other elements present in it. These elements can be insured in conditions similar to those that the content of the house is insured, although some policy excludes the payment of indemnifications for damages in these elements caused by atmospheric elements and theft.

Final Considerations

Keep in mind that the garden coverings will be different in each home policy, so you have to review well what they are and, above all, at what price.

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