Family planning coverage within your health insurance

What is family planning coverage?

The vision of forming a family in the future is something important. For this reason, a family planning system is aimed at men, women and couples who want to plan their offspring, either in order to get it or avoid it.

In many cases this coverage, included in health insurance, is unknown to users. In this article we explain everything that offers you family planning coverage in your insurance both if you have the option of medical and reimbursement.

Solutions that include family planning coverage

Family planning coverage is very advantageous for dealing with fertility problems, since assisted reproduction techniques have a very high cost. Similarly, if our goal is to avoid pregnancy, benefits are included to achieve this goal. These are the most common solutions included in the coverage and all its advantages:

1. Assisted reproduction

An assisted reproduction treatment aims to solve reproductive or sterility problems. The age limit of 40 years is usually established. The companies offer services to know the diagnosis through a previous study and the accomplishment of the necessary tests.

Assisted reproduction methods, which are generally included in the coverage, are in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination

2. Contraception

The companies also include treatments to avoid pregnancy, whether temporary or permanent.

Definitive treatments include interventions such as vasectomy or tubal ligation. The costs of the interventions are assumed or a franchise is included to access the methods.

Temporary treatments usually include contraceptive methods such as the pill and the intrauterine device (IUD). Although the diagnosis and treatment of these methods is included within the coverage, the pharmacological or device cost usually assumed by the insured.

3. Prevention and check-ups

In addition to including services related to conception, the health insurance offers are very useful for maintaining a healthy state through prevention. Gynecological check-ups and programs dedicated to the health of children stand out in this regard.

What are the conditions under family planning?

Each performance will be subject to different conditions. In the treatment of infertility cases where sterility is subject to a natural or due to a physiological problem prior contraceptive intervention, it is excluded.

The periods of lack for treatments of diagnosis of infertility or infertility are long, around the 24 months approximately. On the other hand, for definitive treatments to avoid offspring, the period of deficiency is usually established between 6 and 8 months.

The companies do not consider the techniques associated with embryo freezing or thawing or sperm maintenance as well as techniques related to donation.

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