How does health insurance provide their health care?

Health care health insurance: do you know your benefits?

When you get sick and need medical support, we have health insurance gives us tranquility, comfort and above all, welfare . With the extraordinary health care offered by your health insurance you never find yourself alone with a health problem or an emergency situation. Do you know how you can back you up this policy?

Healthcare in health insurance

Health care translates into health care we need to a problem related to our health. This insurance covers health care, giving you a Medical Network that guarantees you the ability to access hundreds of health professionals and the best private clinics and hospitals.

The main advantage of this method is the great speed of service they provide, and you can make an appointment with just one day in advance, you will have a line of medical care 24 hours and quick authorizations that may need some tests response.

What is covered by health insurance?

Health care health insurance guarantees:

– Primary care: includes general medicine, both in the office and in your home if you can not navigate to the medical center. This section also enter the prescription and diagnostic testing, analytical and general radiology .

– Paediatrics and child care: medical care also for the little ones. A special service for your children, so that they have the best professionals both in consultation and testing. In addition, the doctor will go to the address if you can not transfer your child to the medical center for the disease. And if you already have a family doctor for your children and do not want to change it , the best companies include the option to reimburse the expenses in this case, if the professional is not in your medical chart.

– Healthcare Urgent: thanks to extensive medical company, which has professional and medical and hospital throughout the national territory centers, you can have an emergency during 24 hours, 7 days a week . And thanks to the medical hotline, you will know what to do at all times.

– Medical Specialties: it is important to know all the specialties that your company offers you in your medical chart, as not all insurance are equal. A complete health policy must include, in addition to the main specialties such as internal medicine, orthopedics, cardiology or dermatology, endocrinology others like, oncology or clinical psychology, as well as the different types of surgery.

– Diagnostic agents : this is another of the coverages that makes the difference with public medicine, as well as the speed with which you can make appointments, procedures will have access to high – tech diagnostic and special techniques.

What should you consider when hiring healthcare?

When applying for insurance benefits medical staff, the insurer will provide a magnetic card. This card will be presented at medical centers whenever we need their services.

It is also important to consider vesting periods. You know what they are? These periods indicate the time that must elapse between the entry into force of the policy and the possibility of requesting the use of some health care services. Many companies with large promotional offers turn to extend these periods, so it is important to review the conditions they offer before the insurance.

If besides having security offered by a medical chart we have our usual for all medical specialties, we can opt for insurance reimbursement . In this type of health insurance policies, you can go to any doctor you want, paying medical costs in the query. Subsequently, the company will refund a percentage of those costs, which can range between 70 and 100% of them, according to the limits set by each insurance.

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