How to avoid jet lag

The jet lag is the imbalance afflicting our body when we alter their circadian rhythm ( in charge of regulating the hours of activity / sleep), hence it is also known as ” Circadian dysrhythmia” or “time zones syndrome” . You can notice it if you make a transoceanic trip but … if you keep reading, we’ll unveil ways to avoid jet lag.

Symptoms of jet lag:

  • Interestingly, women are more likely to suffer the effects of jet lag, than men. And, as you grow older, you feel the same; Someone 20 years old, you may notice it less than a person over 50 .
  • The first thing you notice is sleep . If you travel west , you will feel it during the day , whereas if you travel east , you will find it harder to sleep when you play at night.
  • As you do not sleep well, you go more tired . One is a consequence of the other.
  • And … because you do not sleep well and you’re more tired, it usually blooms the bad mood, the difficulty to concentrate, the confusions or the small losses of memory.
  • Your stomach may also notice pain, nausea or diarrhea .
  • And finally. Due basically to the dehydration derived from the long flight, headaches , drymouth or throat.

How to avoid the jet lag effect:

  • Sunbathing is our great ally to alleviate the effects of jet lag. Once you arrive at your destination, do some outdoor activities, walk, eat outside the restaurants …
  • Follow the schedules of your new destination. No matter how tired you are, do not stay sleeping in the hotel. You have too many things to discover, motivation is also a great help to avoid jet lag!
  • One trick that we recommend is that days before and you go getting used to the schedule , that is: if you are traveling west, eat and go to bed later than you normally do. On the contrary, if you travel east, you have to get up early and have breakfast early.
  • Eat healthy and drink a lot . The orange juice rich in vitamin C will help you to have better digestion and activate you.
  • During the flight you can sleep, but also remember that you should stretch your legs every two hours at most and avoid , as much as possible, the intake of alcohol and caffeine as they are stimulants that do not help maintain the circadian rhythm.
  • You can use some type of medication , if your doctor has prescribed it. The ingestion of melatonin , a natural substance that produces your own body, works very well for certain people, but never meditating for free can be harmful to your health. With Plus Ultra you will have the best healthcare when you need it.
  • The first breakfasts out of your home, look for them to be strong in protein . Eggs, meat, almonds (containing melatonin), oats … are foods that will give you that extra strength your body will need to avoid jet lag.
  • Avoid sleeping between hours . No naps. Until 21h do not go to bed and you will regulate your sleep hours.
  • Finally, at bedtime control: room temperature (about 20-21 degrees is the right one), turn off electrical appliances , sleep peacefully: read a while, listen to soft music, take a warm shower, drink a glass of warm milk …

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