Insurer’s liability in pet insurance

When we have a pet, we try to educate it so that it learns that there are certain things that it should not do, like breaking a cushion or making its needs outside the area enabled for it. However, they do not always listen to us. Therefore, it is convenient to hire a pet insurance.

Description and coverage of pet insurance

What is this warranty?

This coverage implies that the insurance company will be responsible for payment of any compensation that may be required by a person affected by the actions of our pet. The nature of these damages can be personal and / or material, and can lead to economic damages. In this way, the insurer will take care of:

  • The payment of compensation to the injured parties, which will derive from a judicial decision or an agreement authorized by the insurer
  • The legal address and defense of the insured against claims of civil liability that have a place in the insurance policy
  • The payment of judicial and extrajudicial costs and expenses that come as a result of the incident
  • The constitution of judicial bonds that may be required of the insured. Even in proceedings before the Spanish courts 

What cases are not covered?

Unless otherwise specified, this insurance does not cover civil liability for damages that:

  • Affect the people who guard the animal
  • They are derived from the transmission or transmission of diseases by the animal
  • Result from breach of contractual obligations
  • They derive from the illegitimate seizure of the animal that forms part of the insurance

With this guarantee, we will be sure that, under any circumstance, we will be covered in the pranks that our pets can do. Because it is not always in our hands!

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