Protect yourself this summer from fires with your car insurance

Avoid fires thanks to car insurance and these tips

In summer fires are more common , either because of the heat or caused by other factors, the truth is that your vehicle could also be harmed. Being near a dry forest or overheating in the engine is a fact that could cause a catastrophe in your car. Do you want to protect him from a fire this summer ? Follow our advice and get more safety for your car.

Prevent fires in your car

The truth is that it is quite unlikely that your car will ignite suddenly, but still, you must keep in mind what are the factors that can cause fires in vehicles.

Automobiles contain highly flammable products , from the lubricants and electrical elements that make it work, to the carpets and plastics that make it up. That is why, although improbable, they can get burn if conditions make it propitious.

What can cause fires in cars?

– Due to engine failure

The engine is the first element that you will surely suspect if a fire occurs in your car. We all know that it can reach up to more than 100 ° C , so if there were a leak of fuel or oil it would burn, producing a thick, dark smoke or, even worse, fire. Whether you detect smoke or if there is a fire, you should leave the car immediately .

– Provided by the exhaust system.

The exhaust pipe can reach 200 ° C while driving, so it is possible to cause fires with minimal encounter with easily flammable objects, such as dry leaves, grass, paper, aerosols, plastics … For example, if you have been driving for half Hour and the tubes have overheated, try not to park in an area with vegetation, as it turns on easily.

-Instructions around your car

Imagine that you parked your car in a field and very close, it creates a fire in a forest . If nobody notices and does not extinguish it, it could reach the place where your vehicle is and extend to him. This is another of the most common causes that cause fires in automobiles, and you can never know if it is going to happen. You can try to avoid this problem by not parking in areas with green pastures or places near a forest as these are usually the most likely to suffer a fire.

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