Tips for travel backpacking

Have you ever traveled backpacking? There are more and more travelers who decide to change the style of the typical vacation (hotel with all inclusive, scheduled excursions …) by a more adventurous (in which you only need a backpack on your back and start walking).

If you are considering starting a trip as a backpacker, look out for these tips that we offer from travel Insurance. Do not hesitate! Traveling with a backpack on your shoulder will change the way you see the world!

1 – The first thing to do is to plan the itinerary of your trip: the route, the duration, the budget, the accommodation … are details that you must keep in mind when organizing your adventure. Usually these trips last longer than traditional vacations, so it is important to adjust the budget to the maximum. Look for cheap accommodation (like hostels or Airbnb), free tours with local guides, car sharing …

2 – The fundamental element, the backpack : this will be your companion throughout the trip, so we recommend that you look for a backpack that is comfortable and most importantly you will have to carry it all day! So when it comes to packing, carry the essentials! The backpack should not weigh more than 10kg.

3 – The importance of food : most of the time you will spend walking and possibly, loaded with your backpack. That is why it is very important to eat well during the trip, to make five meals a day (not very copious) and to provide energy for the road. You will find local places that are very cheap and you can try typical foods of the areas that you visit.

4 – Money , better in cash: traveling backpacking one is usually away from the most tourist areas and in the most remote and rural places it is possible that in some establishments can not be paid by card. Therefore, we recommend that you always try to bring some cash, enough to survive a couple of days and to face some unforeseen.

5 – Your documentation, always at hand: if you are in a foreign country it is fundamental that you always carry your documentation: passport, ID and your travel insurance certificate . Ideally you should have your documentation and a copy for security (photocopy or documentation on the mobile). We also advise you to inform your family or friends of the places where you find yourself every day to have you located.

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