What coverage’s can Caravan Insurance have?

The option to enjoy nature with a caravan in a campsite this summer is the one chosen by many to spend the holidays. But if we consider buying a mobile home to try this form of leisure, we must take into account that we will need to secure the caravan . Today we tell you what characteristics Caravan Insurance have , when it is mandatory to hire them and the coverages that we can include in the contract.

It is important to hire a good Caravan Insurance . We must keep in mind that our roulotte will be our home during the time we will spend on vacation, and in it we will store all the luggage and the things that we will need during those days. In this sense, it is advisable to hire a policy that covers us in the face of possible incidents that may arise during a caravan vacation.

What Insurance covers our caravan?

When analyzing the coverage of the caravan, the size of the mobile is fundamental. The regulations require that caravans with more than 750 kilos of MMA have their own insurance, as is the case with all other trailers.

In contrast, lighter caravans may be under the protection of the car’s policy that tows them, provided that this risk is included in the condition of the Car Insurance. If you are interested, in this blog we talked in its day of the Insurance of Trailers and their coverings .

Larger caravans need a policy of their own that, at a minimum, includes Third Party Insurance to respond to claims of Compulsory Liability . These are policies that offer basic protection and that do not have a high cost, but that maybe they are short in the coverage of our mobile, since it leaves outside the protection the damages that suffer the vehicle and its content.

Characteristics of Caravan Insurance

The peculiarities presented by the caravans, make them vehicles that are somewhat unique. As with motorhomes , in them we can move and make life in their interior, as if it were a dwelling. In addition, we use them mainly in natural environments and campsites, exposed to the inclemencies of the weather and the own risks of the forest.

However, these vehicles lack autonomy, since they are not allowed trailers that are dragged another car, and this peculiarity is important to take into account. Maneuvering a car with a caravan can be more complicated, although in most cases it is sufficient to have a B card to get behind the wheel of this set of vehicles (provided that the weight of the set does not exceed 3,500 kg of MMA).

For all these characteristics, it is normal for insurers to offer a specific caravan insurance product, which includes the most frequent risks to which these trailers are exposed.

These Caravan Insurance do not offer the same benefits and prices for all models. On the one hand, the diversity of models and sizes of caravans prevents standard policies and makes the offer of coverage and price depend on these aspects.

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