What types of home insurance are available?

Home insurance protects you when you need it most

A house can be given different uses; Can be the usual for a family, or be rent, or even may not reside in anyone, among other assumptions. Whatever the conditions of a property, insurers have the home insurance adapted to each . The investment involved in owning a house or apartment is a compelling reason to protect it in any situation by hiring the right insurance for each case.

Do you want to know what type of residence corresponds to each type of home insurance? We tell you its features below:

1- Insurance for the habitual residence

This policy is absolutely necessary so that your house is protected from the most unexpected events that you can not foresee. There are several modalities; You can choose only the essential coverings , such as the guarantee of fire , water or atmospheric damages , among others; To extend it with other similar practices such as theft and / or robbery coverage outside the homeor legal protection before a trial , etc.

You can even decantarte for a multi-risk home insurance , which offers you all the essential coverages to guarantee your well-being, such as the guarantee of habitability or the fire , and other complementary, dedicated to pay more attention to details such as the service DIY or computer and technological assistance , for example.

All protections are few when it comes to protecting your home; We recommend that you take out home insurance that will guarantee complete protection .

2- Insurance for the second home

If you have a second home you should also protect it . Although it may appear that it is not exposed to any risk, the fact is that being uninhabited for long periods of time may be involved in delicate situations. That’s why insurers offer you protection with the right cover, for example, if someone comes to steal it or even if there are vandalism or  broken glass . In addition, if the home is exposed to atmospheric damages or water , repairs will also be in charge of your company.

3- Insurance for housing for rent

Do you have your house rented?

In your position it is very important that you take out home insurance for your property because you never know what can happen. Protect yourself against any loss or if you have a problem with the tenant. The insurers offer you a home insurance for landlords in which you can insure the contents and the continent of the house. However, the ideal is to guarantee only the continent if the furniture of the house belongs to the tenant.

Otherwise, you should add the content to the policy and the two aspects would be covered in the event of possible fires, robberies, breaks, vandalism or water damage , among others. In addition, this insurance also protects you from unpaid rent by guaranteeing your amount up to a certain limit set by the company and offers you the RC coverage , which responds to the tenant if it suffers damage originating in the continent, for example because of The fall of a tile.

What if you’re the tenant?

If you are living in a rental property, you should know that in these cases, the landlord is not required to add the contents to your home insurance. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure the objects and furniture belonging to you by adding them to the content coverage of a home insurance independent of the owner. In this way, you will be able to have the protection of your beneficial coverages, destined to take care of the expenses of repair or replacement before atmospheric damages, damages by water, fire, robbery, electrical damages, among others.

It is highly recommended that you also protect yourself with RC coverage for renters , which will compensate third parties affected by damages that originate in your home , for example, leaks, fires or other cases where the owner or neighbors, injured Because of your acts, accidents or derivatives.

4- Insurance for uninhabited housing

If you have an uninhabited home, such as a house you have inherited , it is likely that, as we said in the second case, you assume that you are not at risk. This is not like this; Even if you do not live it remains your property and is an economic effort that you must protect.

Imagine that there is a fire near the house and you can not do anything to save it, or that it suffers from the damages of the atmospheric damages , as for example, a flood due to the torrential rains. These cases are covered by the home insurance guarantees that covers uninhabited homes.

Other of the guarantees that you can subscribe to this insurance of home are the breaks, the one of civil responsibility, legal defense, damages by water , derived from failures in the pipes or diverse damages that include the collision of a vehicle against the property , Among other interesting coverage and that you can consult with your mediator.

You must preserve the welfare of this other property because you never know when you might need it.

The Importance of Protecting Your Home

You already know the modalities offered by home insurance and you can begin to protect what matters most: your home. The biggest investment we make during our lives is dedicated to our home and we should not allow it to be harmed by anything or anyone. Insurers try to offer you the best coverages to get your worries minimized in the face of difficult times. Protect your assets by choosing the coverage that suits your interests; When in doubt, you know that your mediator is always at your side to advise you and offer you products adapted to your situation and that cover real needs.

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